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Topic 1: Economics
Agricultural Economics
Business Economics
Environmental and Resource Economics
Economic Growth and Development
Finance and International Finance
Financial Economics
Government Finance
Health Economics
Internet and Digital Economics
Industrial and Technological Economics
International Business / Economics
Investment and Risk management
Labor Economics / Human Resources
Monetary Economics
Quantitative Economics
Real Estate and Urban Economics
Rural and Regional Economics
Securities trading
Stocks and exchange rates prediction
Swaps and derivatives trading or dealing

Topic 2: Management
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
New Concepts and Theories
History of Management Thought
Management Philosophy
Supply Chain Management
HR Practices and Human Capital
Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Management
Corporate Governance and Control
Corporate Finance and Banking
Management Accounting
Financial Reporting Practices and Quality
Auditing Practices and Quality
Operations, Quality and Productivity Management
Performance Management
Managing Risks of Value Networks
Procurement and Facility Location
Investment and Asset Pricing
Exchange in the Market
Consumer Behaviors / Consumer Psychology
Online Behavior
Design and Innovation in Organizations
Synergy in Organizations
Environment and External Links
Information Systems and Management
Service Systems and Service Management
New Service and Brand Marketing Trends
Technology Management
Modeling and Simulation
Strategy and Innovation
Emerging Problems and Challenges

Topic 3: Social Science
Social movements
Women’s writing and narratives
Artistic representations of women (film, literature, music etc.)
Motherhood and family life
Sexuality and gender identity
Reproductive Rights
Administrative Sciences
Behavioral and Psychological Sciences
Communities and Communications
Economics, Markets and Systems
Education and Information Technologies
Sustainable Urban Transport and Environment
Technology, Society, Environmental Studies
Virtual Communities and Communications
Women’s studies
Sociology and Social Computation
Sport and Physical Education

Topic 4: Humanities
Gender equality
Women’s rights and women’s history
Gender and education
Women and leadership
Women’s and men’s health
Gender and sexuality
Gender and religion
Gender and literature
National, ethnic, cultural, religious identity
Migration and the image of immigrants in media, literature, culture, society
Diaspora and minorities
Creation and rejection of boundaries – real and imagined
Pro- and anti-immigration discourse
Migration or exile
Linguistic barriers of the migrants
Relations between language and identity
Language(s) of the borderland
Art and Peace
Conflict Resolution
Culture and Society
Education and Peace
History and Peace

Topic 5: Linguistic
General Linguistics
Comparative Linguistics
Linguistic Geography
Applied linguistics
Chinese Research
Chinese Minority Languages
Foreign Languages
Other Subjects of Linguistics

Topic 6: Literature
Literary Theory
Aesthetics of Literature and Art
Literary Criticism
Comparative Literature
Ancient Chinese Literature
Modern Chinese Literary
Contemporary Chinese Literary
Studies in Chinese Literary Genres
Chinese Folk Literature
Chinese Children's Literature
Chinese Minority Literature
History of World Literature
Oriental Literature
Russian Literature
English Literature
French Literature
German Literature
Italian Literature
American Literature
The Nordic Literature
Eastern European Literature
Latin American Literature
African Literature
Oceanian Literature
Other subjects of Literature

Topic 7: Art
Art Aesthetics
Psychology of Art
Radio and Television Art Art
Arts and Crafts
Other Subjects of Art

Topic 8: Law
Theoretical Jurisprudence
Legal History
Department of Law
International Law
Other Disciplines of Law

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